Performance Cars in New Mexico

performance carA performance vehicle stands out from the crowd in both how it looks and how it drives. When you’re behind the wheel of one of these cars, you own the road in front of you.

If the road calls to you and you want to answer with speed, handling and style, visit Falcomata-Hovland Motors, Inc. to see our entire stock of performance vehicles. We have a wide range of vintage cars for sale in New Mexico that are the definition of what a performance car should be. Whether it’s a turbocharged Corvette or a modded-out Chevy Camaro, we’ve got a great selection of vehicle that will turn heads while you’re flying by.


Find a Performance Vehicle

Looking for a particular make or model in your quest to find the perfect performance car? No problem! We’ve got our ears to the ground all the time, listening for new sales and stock announcements. Frequently, we bring these vehicles to our lot, which means there are plenty of chances for you to find your dream car with us.

performance carWe invite you to stop by or give us a call today to learn more about our current classic cars for sale in New Mexico or to inquire about a specific make or model you might be looking for.


Performance Parts

If you’ve already got your ideal vehicle and are taking steps to upgrade it, to give it better performance, make us your destination for classic car parts in New Mexico. We have a tremendous inventory of performance parts and can get our hands on classic parts that will breathe new life into your vehicle.

For more information about our current inventory of performance vehicles or to inquire about our ability to find a specific auto part you’re looking for, give us a call today at 505-287-2320.