The 1967 Mercury Cougar and Other Classic Cars for Sale in Grants, NM

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In 1967, the Mercury Cougar hit the market and became a symbol of vehicular performance for Mercury and the automotive industry as a whole. Drawing inspiration from the Jaguar E-type, Mercury created the Cougar with elements of European-style design, which distinguished it from other popular car models such as the Ford Mustang. The popularity and innovative design of the 1967 Mercury Cougar made it a hallmark of the marketing and advertising campaigns for Mercury.

Over years of different model designs and changes to features, the Mercury Cougar continued to be one of the longest-lasting Mercury vehicles in production. To this day, car buyers continue to favor the Mercury Cougar and its distinct set of features.

The launch of the Mercury Cougar

The Mercury Cougar was a significant introduction for Mercury, since it marked the manufacturer’s first pony car. Pony cars such as the Ford Mustang are car models that combine affordability with a sporty image or high-performance engine. Pony cars like the Mercury Cougar were in high demand among consumers, and the Cougar sought to make a name for itself among this class of cars through innovative design and unique features.

Features of the ‘67 Cougar

Stylistic features on the Mercury Cougar helped it stand out from other car models. It had a full width divided grill that featured vertical bars and hidden headlights that were deployed and retracted through a vacuum canister system. The rear of the car had a similar aesthetic, with vertical grillwork surrounding either side of the license plate and concealing the taillights. Inspired by the Thunderbird, the Cougar featured sequential turn signals, adding even more visual appeal to this stylish model. The unique appearance as well as the power of the ‘67 Mercury Cougar have made it a popular choice for vintage car collectors. You can find this model at dealers that have classic cars for sale in Grants, NM.

The ‘67 Cougar could be upgraded with the purchase of a GT performance package that added components to increase the power and maneuverability of the vehicle. The GT package included a slightly larger engine, along with an upgraded suspension system that was designed to accommodate the extra weight and increase maneuverability. A low-restriction exhaust system, more powerful brakes and an improved set of tires were also notable components of the GT performance package of the 1967 Mercury Cougar.

Classic cars for sale in Grants, NM

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