Get Your Hands on a 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix from Classic Car Dealers in Grants, NM

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The late 1960s were the glory days for the production of some of the most iconic cars of all time. One of the outstanding models that came out during that time was the 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix. This car made waves when it came on the market, boasting a variety of unique features along with impressive performance that made it a popular choice for car buyers. The Grand Prix continues to be an appealing choice for collectors and connoisseurs of classic cars around the world for its unique look and fantastic list of features.

History of the ‘69 Pontiac Grand Prix

The debut of the 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix marked the first iterations of the second generation of the Grand Prix. Pontiac wanted to produce a car that would be distinguished from previous model years, so the ‘69 Grand Prix was made with a prominent body style and new features that made it stand out. The nimble, performance-oriented design of the Pontiac Grand Prix was developed to give car buyers a stylish option that wasn’t lacking in power or performance.

Special features

There are several features on the ‘69 Pontiac Grand Prix that make it stand out from other models that were on the market at the time. With a focus on increased performance and power, there were two different engine sizes, each with a choice of two different power options. The Grand Prix also had boosted manual transmissions installed to give buyers an even greater degree of drive performance. The unique design of the Grand Prix makes it popular among classic car dealers in Grants, NM.

One of the most notable aesthetic features of the ‘69 Pontiac Grand Prix was the cockpit-style design of the car’s interior. Most of the various controls and gauges were placed within easy reach of the driver on a wraparound instrument panel. The bucket seats on the driver and passenger sides of the car were separated by a console that was an extension of the instrument panel. There were several different upholstery options available, including vinyl, cloth and leather trim. Other features of the ‘69 Grand Prix included a radio antenna embedded in the windshield, a rear window defogger, flush mounted door handles and side impact beams inside the car doors.

Classic car dealers in Grants, NM

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