Route 66: A Primer for the Classic Car Enthusiast

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It’s nearly impossible to reflect on the history of American automobiles without evoking images of classic Fords, Chevrolets and Pontiacs cruising down Route 66. This 2,451-mile expanse of open road has attracted tourists from all over the globe with its unique history and eclectic charm. With a background rooted in the boom of the automotive industry, Route 66 has become a sort of pilgrimage for many car enthusiasts who continue to keep the spirit of this American highway alive and well, particularly after purchasing vintage autos for sale in Grants, NM and elsewhere.

The rise of Route 66

The Main Street of America, as it would come to be known, began as a path west for people leaving the harsh conditions brought on during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. The road provided a major opportunity for people escaping impossible living conditions and also created an economic boom along its path. Gas stations, diners, campgrounds, gift shops and other businesses boomed thanks to the influx of travelers on Route 66. Over the next couple decades, the road continued to grow in popularity and was used by truckers, soldiers and vacationers en route to the west.

Decline and decommission

After decades of use, Route 66 eventually declined and was replaced by various interstates, roads and highways. Although officially decommissioned, fans of Route 66 can still drive portions of the road today and take in the sights of this piece of American history. Along the way, you might see restored businesses that hearken back to a time of popularity and prosperity for economies along this once-booming route.

Classic cars on Route 66

For the classic car enthusiast, Route 66 offers a window back in time to the heyday of American automobiles. Today, the historical significance of Route 66 is represented in various museums centered on a passion for vintage cars. While viewing these collections, you might see a Ford Model A, a Ferrari 308 or even a Rolls Royce on display. You can also find similar models by browsing vintage autos for sale in Grants, NM.

The spirit of The Mother Road

While you can no longer drive Route 66 in its entirety, its history represents a time when freedom was found on the open road. The mainly flat and smooth highway provided an experience to drivers, rather than just a way to get from point A to point B. That experience continues for many car collectors and enthusiasts who seek to revive the spirit of Route 66 and its significance to the history of classic cars.

Finding your piece of Route 66

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