Classic Car Spotlight: The 1968 Pontiac GTO

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For the classic car enthusiast, perhaps one of the most iconic sights on the road is the 1968 Pontiac GTO. With a host of new features added to the body and an increase in sheer power, the 1968 GTO model was a major upgrade from the original ‘64 model. Considered by many to be the genesis of the muscle car era, the debut of the Pontiac GTO marked an exciting moment in the automotive industry. While the car was produced with new upgrades and features annually through 1974, the 1968 model holds its own. Motor Trend Magazine voted the 1968 Pontiac GTO “Car of the Year,” and its legacy is still alive and well today among car collectors, enthusiasts and classic car dealers in Grants, NM.

A modernized body and sleek design

One of the most notable changes to the ‘68 model was the fastback-style body. The curved body of this model created a modern look. This new design was accentuated by the body-colored Endura bumper, which gave the model a streamlined style, although buyers could opt for a classic chrome bumper if they chose. This bumper design was touted by Pontiac for its ability to withstand minor impacts without any permanent damage. In addition, the ‘68 model featured windshield wipers that were concealed by the rear edge of the hood, adding a cleaner look to the car.

Custom features

The 1968 Pontiac GTO offered a variety of options when it came to customization for the buyer. The traditional vertical headlights were changed to a horizontal layout for the ‘68 model, but hidden headlights were also available on this model and were very popular with buyers. Redline bias-ply tires came standard on the model but, at no extra cost, could be replaced by whitewall tires if desired. The 1968 Pontiac GTO was available in a hardtop and a convertible style, though the hardtop was purchased far more frequently in the year of its debut. In 1968, 9,980 convertibles and 77,704 hardtops were sold by Pontiac. Today, many of these vehicles can be found at classic car dealers in Grants, NM and beyond.

Improvements to speed and power

One of the most exciting things about the ‘68 model was the improved torque and engine power. Although engine options did not see any major changes from the 1967 model, the overall horsepower of the engine rose to 350 hp. Even more notably, the torque increased to a range between 397-445 ft-lbs. Paired with the 1968 Pontiac GTO’s sleek design, it’s no wonder that this model made such an impression on the automotive world that continues today.

Get your hands on a piece of history

If you’re interested in seeing the iconic Pontiac GTO, head to your local classic car dealers in Grants, NM. You can occasionally purchase your very own ‘68 GTO along with a variety of other classic American muscle cars at dealers like Falcomata-Hovland Motors Inc. We carry an extensive inventory of used vehicles, and we specialize in muscle cars and other vintage vehicles. Stop by and experience the excitement of classic American autos for yourself.

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